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Best Rate Guarantee

  At Doubleclick Exchange, we have a global portfolio of clients and trade large volumes of currency which puts us in a position to offer you excellent exchange rates for money transfers abroad. We buy and sell currencies close to interbank exchange rates – these are the headline rates which are widely publicized.

   Because of the total volume we trade, our buying power means that we can take a small margin from where we buy or sell (this is our profit) and still pass on great exchange rates to our clients. In short, we make small margins on lots of trades which allow us to offer you great exchange rates and save money. 

  Of course, excellent rates alone are not enough. We provide excellent service too – achieving and retaining.   

Corporate Services

Companies can choose to outsource an entire foreign exchange operation.We recognise that high quality foreign exchange is key when it comes to building customer loyalty and will streamline your processes to free-up those all important resources.

  • Best Exchange rate in the market.
  • Staff Salary Remittance
  • Lowest Charges Compare to Banks for remittance
  • Sender will pay low transfer fee & thus saving more when sending money transfers.
  • On other Hand receiver will receive more value in acct because of higher cross rates-hence greater staff satisfaction
  • Save time by sending directly instead of queuing to send money